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CPC Canadian Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships was held on March 26-27 in Foothill Centennial Center in Okotoks Alberta. This event was a qualifier for both the WPC World Championships and WPO Finals.

Rules already set by the W.P.C. at 2001 Worlds in South Africa.
All lifters will lift at the age they are at the day of the contest. There will be a Sub-Masters at the Nationals and Local meets, but Sub-Masters will lift at the worlds as open lifters, but can break Sub-Master records, while lifting in a open division, only at the worlds, and there will now be allowed three to a weight class at the worlds in all divisions.
Above items were voted on at the 2001 worlds in South Africa, and are final for the W.P.C. worlds in Finland, and from now on.
Items to be voted on starting March or April:

  • No more individual names will be allowed on shirts on the platform, or platform area. Only State, Country, or name of the meet being held for that day. This includes coaches, referees, and anyone in the platform area.
  • No banners of a personal name allowed in, on, or behind the platform. Only the name of the contest. All other names must be to the sides or back of the contest, out of camera sight. Any main sponsor for the meet, as the meet director must use their logo on the platform, or such, must first have this cleared by the A. P. F. headquarters.
  • Anyone violating the above rules will be disqualified from the meet. Any meet director allowing this not to be in effect will not have another meet sanctioned by the A. P. F.; and all records from that meet will not be registered.

Everyone will be notified by March; if this is voted in, or not. Any questions on the above. Call the A. P. F. Headquarters at 1-630-892-1491.
The APF will furnish to all meet promoters hot patches to cover the name on Frantz shirts free of charge.

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